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Metal Fencing

Ornamental, Decorative Metal, & Wrought Iron Fence Installation

Advantages of Aluminum Fencing

Iron fencing is very beautiful but it usually requires more maintenance than any other fence. It will rust and will require frequent painting. Aluminum fencing, on the other hand, is made in all the ornamental iron designs, providing the same beauty, but without the added maintenance requirements of iron fencing.

Aluminum fencing is…

  • Very low-maintenance and offers superior protection and security. Aluminum fencing is also very affordable and is quickly growing in popularity throughout Utah.
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles. Metal or aluminum fence is one of the richest looking materials available that can be used in many different types of yards. It provides security with a view, adding a feeling of openness and space to your landscape. It is probably the best style of fence for properties with a view to maintain or accentuate.
  • Beneficial in that it adds a high degree of value to your home or business. Its attractive look improves curb appeal too, adding a professional, finished appearance to your landscaping and architectural design.

If you are a property owner located anywhere between Ogden and Spanish Fork, Haven Yards Fencing offers the quality of aluminum fencing material (and all other types of metal), affordable prices, and professional results you are looking for. Contact us now to get a free metal fence installation quote!

Metal Fences Can Be Distinguished by Their Aesthetics & Security

Whether your goal is security, beautification, pet safety, child safety, privacy, traffic restriction, sound abatement, or anything else, a metal face is a solid choice to meet your needs.

Haven Yards Fencing of Cedar Hill provides numerous styles, designs, and metal options for you to choose from to meet your particular needs. Thinking about getting ornamental metal fences? They are a very long-lasting and extremely durable option, which also are nearly maintenance-free. Metal fences are perfectly suited for the four-season weather here in Utah!

picture of ornamental metal fence by haven yard fencing in salt lake city

Our Metal Fence Inventory

Haven Yards Fencing has a large inventory of all the different types of metal fencing you could possibly want. For example, we can install the following types of metal fences for you:

  • Wrought Iron Fencing
  • Aluminum Fence
  • Products
  • Ornamental Steel
  • Fencing
  • Classic Iron Fencing
  • And many more

Want to get metal fencing installed on your Utah property?

Our Top Choice for Metal Fencing

Founded in 1999, Haven Yards Fencing has been serving our Utah communities — from Ogden to Spanish Fork — for more than two decades now. Our metal fencing is:

  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • Versatile
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Durable

Whatever type of metal you choose, there are many worthwhile benefits. For example, aluminum fencing may be a better option for green-minded property owners. We will only ever recommend fencing materials that we can stand behind as being top-quality. Interested in learning more about metal fences, your options, or would like to get a free quote? Contact Haven Yards Fencing of Cedar Hills today!


Areas We Serve

  • Salt Lake City
  • Cedar Hills
  • Provo
  • Ogden
  • Spanish Fork
  • And more!
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