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Take a look at the different fencing styles and options we offer!

When it comes to your fencing project, you’re either completely set on a particular look or you’re exploring different choices. Here at Haven Yards Fencing, we offer a number of different fencing styles and options available for you! Additionally, each material can come in different styles to be tailored to your project’s needs. However, if you’re still unsure what the best option is for you, our experienced representatives are more than happy to walk you through the possibilities.

Factors you may be considering for your project:

You may have multiple factors you’re considering when it comes to your fence:

  • Durability/Longevity
  • Look/Aesthetic
  • Privacy
  • Ability to customize
  • Cost
  • Quality of material
  • And so on.


At Haven Yards fencing, we do our very best to meet each individual need so that you get the quality of fence you desire at the best value.


Looking to compare pricing between different choices?

Our online instant quote feature is an awesome tool for receiving an estimated price range for your problem instantly. To begin, you’ll simply pull up a bird’s eye view of your property, draw out the fence line you’re needing, and select the material option(s) you’re interested in. It’s that easy! Finally, after you’ve submitted your projects, our team will be able to review those and reach out to you regarding the next steps towards your official quote with us. Also, we completely understand that your project is one you’d like done correctly and efficiently. Here, we can provide you with the best value for that!

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