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Tips to Find the Best Fencing Contractor

Tips to Find the Best Fencing Contractor

When looking to install a residential or commercial fence, you want to ensure your fence is the best. After all, most people notice a fence when they pull up to your home or office, and you want it to shine. Haven Yards Fencing is a Cedar Hills-based fencing contractor, offering fencing installation to the surrounding communities. Below, we’ll take a look at tips to find the best fencing contractor. Get in touch with our team today!

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Despite people’s common perception, fencing is more than just drilling some holes in the ground and installing the fence. A professional and experienced fencing contractor will do their due diligence, checking the ground and soil conditions, ensuring alignment, and ensuring the fence will do its job.


In this day and age, reviews matter, and if you are looking at a fencing contractor with little to no web presence, it may be a red flag that they only do fencing as a side gig. We recommend that you read all of the local reviews of fencing contractors, so you have a good idea of the quality of work and craftsmanship and the professionalism.

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contractor wearing work gloves to pick of a stack of 2x4s

Certified and Licensed

The point of certifications and licensing in any industry is two-fold: 1) to ensure that the fencing contractor is serious enough to take the time to become licensed by the state (and it’s the law), and 2) it speaks to the high level of dedication of the fencing contractor.

Insured and Guarantees

In addition to being certified and licensed, you want your fencing contractor to have the proper insurance so that you, the consumer, are protected should an accident happen on your property. Any reputable fencing contractor will also guarantee their work should something be wrong after the fence installation has been completed.

man drilling screw into new built picket fence


Haven Yards Fencing has been serving the Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah, area since 1999. Our team is passionate about bringing you the highest-quality fence that is long-lasting and that is perfectly suited to your home or office. From chain-link to metal and wood fencing, we’ve got your aesthetics and needs covered. Reach out for a free estimate today!

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