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How to Choose a Fence Style for Your Home & Lifestyle

How to Choose a Fence Style for Your Home & Lifestyle

Fences are part of your outdoor living space. They serve to define the boundary of your space, but that’s not all. Fences also have functional, aesthetic, and unique purposes for your home. Below, we’ll go over tips on how to choose a fence style for your home and lifestyle, and contact Haven Yards Fencing, a fencing company in Provo, today.

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Consider Your Children and Pets

Fundamentally, fences are designed to keep things, people, and animals in or out. Thus, if you have children and/or pets, you’ll need to choose a fence style that works. A privacy fence, such as a cedar wood or vinyl fence is a good choice. You’ll also want a fence that is at least five feet tall so you’ll have peace of mind that your children and/or pets are safe inside the fence.

Aim for a Style that Complements Your Home

Admittedly, there are many different styles and materials of fence to choose from, from wood and vinyl to metal and chain-link fencing. However, depending on the style of your home, some types of fencing will look better than others. You’ll also want to consider curb appeal and architectural elements since those passing by will see your fencing choice.

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Consider How Long You Plan to Live There

Everyone goes through different stages of their lives. As you change, so do your needs. For example, once the kids are grown, you might want a shorter fence or no fence at all. However, if you only plan to stay in your home a few years, you’ll want to choose the fencing type that will suit your immediate needs and that will add value to your home when you go to sell. Haven Yards Fencing can help. Call for advice today.

Consider Your Budget

There is most definitely a difference in pricing when it comes to fencing types and materials. Plus, if you are looking for an ornate fence or one with your initials, for example, engraved, the price of your fencing will go up. When you partner with Haven Yards Fencing in Provo, our experts can help you choose the right type of fencing for your budget. Call today.

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Haven Yards Fencing offers exceptional residential fencing in Provo, Salt Lake City, Cedar Hills, and beyond. Our family-owned fencing company offers a wide variety of fencing types to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for an ornate metal fence or a simple wood fence, we can help. Call for a free estimate today!

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