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DIY Fence Installation Mistakes

DIY Fence Installation Mistakes

With the plethora of DIY projects for your home or office, many people dive right into these home improvement projects with robustness and energy. That being said, if you’ve never installed a fence before, you may be prone to making a mistake — one that could cost you. Haven Yards Fencing is a Cedar Hills-based fencing company that offers a wide variety of fencing services, including fence installation. Learn below some DIY fence installation mistakes to avoid, and call for a free quote today!

underground view of a sprinkler system

Not Calling for Locates

Locates is when you call your local utility company so that they can come and mark your property using spray paint to indicate where the underground utilities lie. One big mistake DIY fence installers make is digging and hitting a utility line, possibly causing damage.

Not Knowing Your Property Line

Another big mistake that property owners make when installing a fence themselves is not knowing their property line. This could lead to you building your fence on your neighbor’s property, which would then need to be removed as it’s not your property. To verify your property lines, check with your local government office that handles property information.

well-kept backyard with wood fence lining property line
man digging hole in dirt

Shallow Holes

Let’s face it, digging holes especially without specialized equipment can be a lot of work. However, you need holes that will be deep enough in order to hold up your fencing materials. At the end of the day, you may not be digging your holes deep enough, which will shorten your fencing’s lifespan as it will most likely fall over sooner rather than later.

Not Taking the Time to Line Up Your Fence

For the most part, you want your fencing to be in straight lines. It’s easier to place the pickets and other fencing materials around the posts, and it looks good. One big mistake that we see DIY fence installers make is not taking the time to line up your fence, resulting in a crooked line. This can reflect poorly on the rest of your outdoor living space, and lower the resale value of your home if the mistake is egregious.

white picket fence in a straight line


Haven Yards Fencing is a professional fencing contractor in the Provo and Salt Lake City area. We pride ourselves on offering top-rated residential and commercial fence installation services. When you partner with us, you’ll avoid the headaches and the mistakes of a DIY fence installation. Call for a free estimate today!

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