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4 Signs You Need Fence Replacement Services

4 Signs You Need Fence Replacement Services

Fencing suffers wear and tear just like everything in life. However, because fences stand in our yards largely ignored, we tend to not notice when they need replacing. Haven Yards Fencing is a local fencing contractor serving Provo, Salt Lake City, and the surrounding areas, including Cedar Hills. Below, we’ll go over four signs you need fence replacement services. Get in touch today!

which fence with picket missing

Pickets are Missing or Falling Over

If you notice missing pickets in your fencing or boards that have fallen over, odds are, your fence has about reached its maximum lifespan. Another tell-tale sign that your fencing needs replacing is when there are significant holes in your fencing from missing boards.

Your Fence is Leaning

When your fence was installed, it stood upright, both for function and for aesthetics. After all, one of its main jobs is to keep in what you want kept in and keep out what you don’t want in, like the neighbor’s cat who uses your son’s sandbox as its cat litter. However, if your fence is leaning, it’s only a matter of time before it will completely tip over, which will require a whole new fence, rather than a fence replacement.

leaning wood slat fence
wood fence with peeling paint

Your Fence Has Changed Color

When you installed your fence, it most likely was a beautiful color — brown for wood, white or another color for vinyl fencing, and more. However, if your fence has changed color, such as gray for wood, it’s time to invest in a new fence. This is a sign of structural weakness, as most likely your fence has begun to chip, split, break, or more.

You Notice Rust

Rust is what forms when the elements, namely water, reaches metal and begins to break it down. If you see rust on your metal fence, it needs attending to right away. Sometimes, it just needs a new layer of protective paint; other times, some pieces of your metal fence may require replacement.

close up of rust on a chain link fence


If you notice that your fence is looking the worse for wear, get in touch with our team today. We offer fence replacement services for area homes and businesses, from metal fencing to wood and more. Our team has years of experience and can’t wait to ensure you have a functional and beautiful fence you’ll enjoy. Call for a free quote today!

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