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Best Fence Materials for Utah


Vinyl Fencing

Probably the most popular in Utah for several reasons.

  1. COST: There are several extrusion plants in Utah so that makes the cost of materials lower than many parts of the country because most extruders of vinyl fencing have the added expense of shipping their products into Utah. Also, because vinyl fencing has several manufacturers in Utah the competition is high and the cost of vinyl fencing in Utah is as low as anywhere else in the country.
  2. PERFORMANCE: Vinyl fencing performs quite well in the varied climates of Utah. Vinyl Fencing will work with both the hot summers and the cold winters.
  3. LOW MAINTENANCE: Vinyl fencing doesn’t require painting or staining like a wood fence or a metal fence that would rust.
  4. LARGE COLOR SELECTION AND OPTIONAL STYLES OF VINYL FENCING: It’s not just white vinyl fencing anymore! Now there are many many different colors and textures. Everything from tan to dark brown, from smooth to a textured wood grain. There are different grays and shades of brown as well. You can mix colors for different parts of the fence like posts and rails one color and tongue and groove pickets another color. Utah has the largest selection of vinyl fence styles and colors. There are vinyl fence extruders in Nephi, Ogden, and Salt Lake City. Most not only supply vinyl for Utah, but ship all over the country!

Cedar Fencing

Utah has a lot of cedar fencing. Cedar is used much more than redwood fencing. The most common size and style of Cedar fencing is 6’ High Dog Ear Pickets. There are many variations to how a Cedar fence is made, so check with your contractor to make sure that you are getting the best Cedar fence for your money. The posts used to build your Cedar fence are very important because it is the post that goes in the ground and because of moisture the posts can fail before the rest of your fence! The most basic post, is a 4” Cedar post. Cedar lasts a long time, but installed into wet soil the posts won’t last as long at the dry fence above the ground. Consider using a Pressure Treated Post instead of a regular Cedar posts. Treated posts last longer. One of the best options for posts with a Cedar fence is a metal post, called a “Postmaster Post”. A Postmaster posts comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is installed with a picket over the top of the post so that you don’t see the metal post. This system makes a normally not so strong fence, last for many many years beyond the normal life of a wood fence.

There are other styles of Cedar fencing like “Board on Board” or “Cap and Trim”. These styles are a little more expensive than Dog Ear style but they have better curb appeal for your home.

The most expensive style of Cedar fencing would be to install the pickets horizontal, instead of vertical. This is a style that many people like. It isn’t the strongest way to build a Cedar fence, but it does have good curb appeal.


Some areas of Utah would not allow chain link fencing. It is typically a more commercial looking fence, but in some neighborhoods where cost or strength is most important you will see a lot of chain link fencing. Chain link fence can be made to all different height, but 3’ to 6’ is most common. Black chain link is becoming more popular and it usually starts at about 30% more than standard galvanized chain link.


Simtek fencing comes in two different styles, stone or wood. There are not a lot of stone looking fencing or wall option, so if you want that look, Simtek is a great option. Simtek materials come in panels and there are not a lot of options for making custom sized gates. If you have a sloped property or yard, Simtek has to be installed stepped which can have gaps below the bottom rails. Simtek has very good color retention and doesn’t fade like other composite fencing. Simtek fencing is very strong and won’t break if a ball of something is thrown at it.


Trex Fencing is made to look like a Cap and Trim wood fence. Trex is probably the most expensive fencing. Trex is a true composite fencing. It comes in various colors and is sold with the understanding that the color will change within the first few months of the fence being installed.


Steel and Aluminum fences are good to use where there is a view that you don’t want to ruin with a solid privacy fence. They are also used where there are high winds and you don’t want to chance having your fence blow down. Both of these types of fencing are installed instead of installing iron fencing with rusts and requires more maintenance than aluminum and steel. There are many different styles, sizes, and colors of Aluminum and Steel Fencing.

No material does everything. Some are better for a certain look, some a certain function, and others best for a set budget. Be sure and ask your contractor or supplier for the different options for your project and needs.

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